Wednesday, October 21, 2009

You have been dismissed

Sp Pt gave up on me today. I say gave up because I call it just that. Don't get me wrong we all tried. Don't get me wrong I get frustrated, Its painful and feels like torture but I endure it with the hope that someday I will have "more stability" and pain control. Its not happening. I know this and they know this. I don't know if the events of Monday just hastened their decision or what but they just calmly told me today that things are not improving, I am not gaining any strength, there is not improvement in the clicking in my hips, no improvement in my pain and nothing more they can suggested targeted one on one hydrotherapy. Humm. Okay so here's the deal, I'm looking for pain control, errr pain.....ease up ed ness.....I guess thats what I'm trying to say. My PCP told me straight out last time I saw him that he thinks some of my issues are just EDS issues and are never going to be resolved and that unfortunately some doctors are just to timid to tell you that flat out, and so now we have to work on pain control. So it was my hope this PT would help. It didnt. So I will follow up with the hip doc and see what type of shots he can offer in the area and go from there, surgery is not an option so at least I know.... though frustrated at times, I tried my hardest at PT and will do the same with the water therapy as well. As far as my sacroiliac joint and disc tear issue, my Meylogram is on Friday and again its another go from there issue. That one is a bit more pressing for me as it is higher up on the pain scale but they both just cause so much anguish I wish I could go bury it in the backyard...the pain that is.

On a Happy note I get my home TENS unit tomorrow...YIPPEEE! I cant tell you how excited I am to have one! If only I could wear one of those 24-7. I also start massage therapy tomorrow, so we shall see how that goes.

Next week I will add another kiddo to the mix. Along with Pokey and the Chicklets, I will be watching another little girl after school as well as on non-school days, shes adorable and just moved up from Texas. Lord knows I need the extra money so Pokey and I are excited to be having her join us. Kinda funny, I never thought I would be a stay at home mom watching 5 kiddos! Thank goodness they are all capable of doing things on their own and have very understanding parents! =) (Thanks Grandma C!...we have had some interesting stories!) Pokeys Dad and I will be swapping vehicles too, so I will be using the truck and he will be saving gas...I only drive about 1 mile a week(not counting pt..then I add about 5)!! Yeah the school is 2 blocks away but walking that anymore is like asking me to ice skate blind through a mine field....Any way we are happy to have Miss M along.

Monday, October 19, 2009

Just another Monday...

Today was a lovely day...and now I have a question. These days they seem to have handicapped doors everywhere you go. I mean, I use them everywhere! Pokey knows where they are all too, he knows doors are pretty heavy sometimes and not to pull his arms and so know being a real live Gumby you would think I know these things by now...but no. I was in a hurry... I was on my Way to PT...( the useless pt I endure for my back, SI joint and hips...that I go to twice to three times a week at 15$ a pop that I don't have in the first place....that is I take the punishment for just to get the 20 minutes of TENS treatment at the end...anyway another blog)....I was late...I rushed through the door.. and out came the arm...shoulder.....Lets see....Left Patella came out two weeks ago, got that one in with some help from a cousin, Left shoulder came our 7 Weeks ago and my PCP got it back in...but this Right shoulder was not going anywhere...I was closer to the ER and I guess they were rather freaked/grossed out at the PT office and would not even let me leave. I told them I would drive myself to my doc, they refused, "ohhh my how could you" I tried not to laugh at the lady I explained to her that it was really no problem, I am very skilled at doing things with one arm, leg see I am typing this as we speak with one hand...nifty huh.. but she was horrified. Needless to say she drove me to the er....even after I told her just a few weeks prior I drove myself to my PCP because the other arm was out and had even drove so a few weeks before that as it had happened again..other arm. I even explained that my middle finger came out three weeks ago and that was more painful at that moment then my arm was but this arguing about me getting somewhere was not going to help. Oh yeah my why the heck at at PT office would they not have a handicapped access door??....I KNOW there are a lot of people coming into the office to rehab their shoulders, elbows, etc...hum, just a thought..or maybe for the little old me...hahahahaha.

So the best part of the hospital today was the front desk lady, I'm sure she had a long hard day, as I walked in at 230 and it was packed, but I told her my arm was dislocated and she looked at me and smirked and said " well i just want you to know its going to be about a two hour wait " and I mean there was nothing caring or nice about her. At this point I am crying, pain has fully set in , muscles are contorting all sorts of ways, my head is now pounding form the clenching of my jaw, I'm a little erked about another 100$ er bill and I just told this woman my arm is dislocated and she wants me to wait for 2 hours...... Now I don't know much, but I do know if your life or limb is at risk you are numbers 1 & 2 on the I calmly pointed to my purple hand and forcefully pulled down my shirt to reveal my shoulder hanging much lower than it should be and I said " well thats fine but my shoulder is clearly dislocated and hand is loosing feeling, so if you could please tell triage that part asap I would appreciate not loosing my limb today, thank you" The triage nurse came right over and took me back.

The doc was super nice, asked if he could give it one try without anything and i said go for it, then just asked what I wanted, I told him I would rather forgo the fuss of narcotics, just please sedate me fix it and send me which he did. Thanks Dr. Garcia. Its a rare occasion when a ER Doc listens to you and when one does you wish you could keep him in your pocket or on speed dial at least.

Pokey is such a cutie...Uncle Jason went to pick him up at school and He saw him and just told his teacher, well my mom sent Uncle Jason to come and get me. Auntie Harmony came and escorted me away from the flu factory, thank goodness for family.

Busy Week....Picture Day tomorrow....CT Myelogram Friday..Bday Party for Auntie Madison on Saturday and a Cocktail party we have to attend, Football of course on Sunday.....Still have not heard any more on my disability appeal...please keep your fingers crossed....Grandma Julie is doing much much better....happy thoughts for her....

Saturday, October 17, 2009

Mom, I'm to young for a Girlfriend!

Pokey can sure say the funniest things! He seems to be pretty partial to a couple girls in his class, Birttany and Reah...every time he talks about them he giggles uncontrollably. " Mom for center time yesterday I played with the Marker Board .....with Brittany...muahhh ahahahehehehe", it is so funny. So I asked him, Is she your girlfriend? " No Mom! I am to young to have a girlfriend, shes just a girl thats my friend!" Well, I guess you are a Big 5 year old but too young for some things, very smart thinking little one, lets keep it that way!

Its amazing to think hes now 5, wow where have these past 5 years gone. Hes got all of these friends, and this amazing little personality that just wows me. All of a sudden he has been asking about a little brother, I asked him if his Auntie Brandy had put him up to that...he said no. But I was not sure where that was all coming from. So I put ones of his favorite teddy bears into his first Halloween costume and told him that was about as close to a little brother as he was going to get and he seemed to be happy with it! Silly little guy.

Thursday, October 8, 2009

Kidney stones and such fun!!

Well...last week was a hoot!...I managed to get my 4th bout of kidney stones since April...! Not sure what the deal is with those!....Let me tell you they are painful. When just about every joint in your body dislocates you think you have a high pain tolerance...nope, these little teeny tiny calcium oxalate stones, bring me to a tightly rolled fetal position on the floor writhing in the most pain I can imagine...and it comes in LABOR....yikes! grr.

Speaking of Labor....My little Pokey turns 5 tomorrow. Wow. I cant even begin to imagine it has been 5 years since I had a Dr. appointment and my blood pressure was too high, not to mention someone was already 4 days past his due date....So we checked into the hospital and they began to induce me. 5 Years ago today I began my journey bringing my son into this world and 5 years ago today he began to change my life forever.

Grandma Julie started her chemo last week, her medication cost over $8,000.00 and by being double covered with her and Grandpa Davids insurance she only had to pay her 15.00 copay! She was doing very well but managed to come down with pneumonia and was back at the hospital for resp. distress and pain.

Due to the Kidney Stones I missed the Light the Night Walk for my Friend Melissa, they raised a good amount of money and had a good time. Shes still having some issues with her breathing and they upped her prednisone again. For anyone who has ever been on that stuff you know how icky it is, so here's hoping she gets better soon, especially with flu season coming.

Pokey had his first fall at school, he tried running on the track and rolled his ankle then of course bit it and scraped his hand up pretty good. Luckily our neighbor boy saw him fall (hes in 2nd grade) and took him to the nurse. he let her clean him his wounds but he wouldn't let her touch his ring and pinky finger. He told her they bent back and he just wanted ice. She called me and told me he had been there for about 20 minutes but school was almost out so I told her to just have him wait there. He was guarding his hand and would not let me touch his fingers at all, I asked him if they popped and he said his little finger did but it was "fixed". It looked swollen and the nurse, said he told her the same thing but he just refused to let her look, he just kept telling her it fixed itself it fixed itself it just hurts!.. So I'm not sure what we were dealing with. He did not use the hand that day (Tuesday) and still would not bend those two fingers on Wednesday. We soaked them in some warm water and did some exercises and he seemed to feel better about that and then taped the two together since he was guarding them so much. He did end up with a small bruised area around the joint but today hes got all of his motion back so I'm not overally concerned. So goes our journey.

After Physical Therapy today, I'm going to Pokeys class to have cupcakes with them, they do not have school tomorrow so we get to celebrate his birthday today! Tomorrow I I'm going to grill the urologist about the kidney stones during my follow appointment, what the heck is going on! We are going to dinner with my grandparents tomorrow night to the Black Angus...Yum...Grandpa turned 80 on Monday and Pokey...who has grandpas name as his middle name ( Marion ) like I said will be 5 so it will be a dual bday dinner.

Please keep Grandma Julie, Melissa, Eithene,Carrie, Noah and Elise in your thoughts...and prayers.