Sunday, June 28, 2009

Gone Fishing

Well Friday night on a whim we decided ..Lets go we did. We got there..(to our property that is) about 10:30 and settled in for the night. Fishing began promptly the next morning. I was all about the powerbait this weekend...I have my rainbow (with sparkles) and my pink "Betty Balls"so I was set. Pokeys Dad was using worms and Pokey well he didnt really want to fish he just wanted to talk to us and play with the net. So the "derby" began. I have to say, I was hot...I could not go all the way around the lake without a bite...I was on FIRE! I even had a nice of those ones you talk about....the one that got right up to the boat...the took a dive...and took my gear with it! Oh I wanted revenge..... Pokeys Dad on the other hand could not get the hang of things, we would get one here or there but not like I was.... We went out twice yesterday, enjoyed a ride into town for a rootbeer float and just relaxed. This morning after a long wait we decided to go for it once more before heading home... Sure enough Pokeys Dad managed to get a 5 pound lunker out of the lake! He was beaming from ear to ear! Pokey was hooting and I was just praying we got the thing into the net before it away! We Had a great time and I was glad we made the last minute decision to go, I think we need to do more of that!...Hey the Big Fish didnt hurt either.
Im Praying for Pablos Family; May they find peace somewhere in this time of loss, For my Friend Melissa; May her doctors figure out whats going on, For a safe trip, For my claim, for insurance.
Im Hopeful for tomorrow, a fun fourth of July, for Pokeys sleep pattern to return to normal! =)
Im Thankful for my job, Pokey, Late night trips to the lake.
Mommy Zebra / Gumby

Friday, June 26, 2009

Yeah Yeah I dont keep up!

Okay so I know I dont keep up as much as I would like! So lets see here is a update of the last few weeks....well as far as I can remember!

The last week part of May brought a Dislocation of my R Shoulder... the chicklets managed to snap the car seat forward as I was reaching for a backpack in the front and my arm was caught in the a seat alligator, it ate it (my arm) and my arm just fell on out. It was already too late to go on into my PCP's office so off to the ER we went. The doc there was super nice...though there is just something about when you tell a doc that you dont do well with IV narcotics and that they just need to consciously sedate you that always makes them laugh. "well Gumby we will start out with A drug and a bit of B drug...and so on" Ha! After it was all said and done, he came back in and was like, "Yes Gumby you are right you can take as much narcotics as a linebacker be very adamit next time that you just need type C or D drug for conscious sedation right away" I just smiled and said thank you. (biting my tounge because I really wanted to say...told you so!)

My sister B graduated from the number one ranked nursing school in the country the University of Washington! I was very proud to see her walk through that stadium. Though I could have done without the 80 degree weather and no shade to sit in at all for the 5+ hours that we were there but oh well again it was worth it. Now if we can just get that girl a job she will be all set!

We went on a family vacation down to the Oregon Coast last weekend and had a blast! we stayed in a awesome rental house right on the was "steps to the ocean" as they labeled it...well they forgot to mention that it was literally 70 VERTICAL steps down a cliff!! I mean there were nicely built stairs, but I do not do well with heights or stairs for that matter! I only made one trip down to the beach, so that was rather sad, but the view was incredible. Pokey managed to win 5 out of 5 random prizes at this drawing they were having at the arcade! He won two CD/radios two digital photo frames and one popcorn bowl set! Talk about lucky! I managed to run smack into a sliding glass door and pop out my R kneecap!! That was a first time for that one, it was late and i was rushing in from the hottub!....I quickly relocated it when I realized what happened and by the next day there was a huge bruise surrounding my whole knee. It swelled quite impressively and because I do not carry All of my braces with me on vacation I wrapped it with a cut up shirt and called it good. It spasmed up until yesterday and just had a sensation of fluid bulit up but now seems to be feeling better. Pokey is now convinced that we HAVE to get some hermit crabs as new pets, we did have some snails, that we brought back...they..umm did not make the Im not sure we would be the best crab parents if we cant keep snails alive...but we shall see. All in all we had a wonderful time in Linclon City but we would not go back there, it was quite a long drive and we have had much funnier times in other closer coastal towns.

We have no plans for the weekend, except rest, save money and clean the house! Next Friday at 5am we take off for Idaho until Monday. We will be spending 4th of July with Uncle B, the rolling hills the 4 wheelers and the river.....cant wait!

Pokey has his kindergarten test on 8/4....I hope it goes well, but then again if not oh well, no pressure. The paperwork went over a lot of what they will be testing, the only thing I worry about is his fine motor skills, he cannot snap buttons (he can button normal ones but not snap ones) and he gets frustrated when he tries...he tries so hard but his fingers just wont let him, they just bend back way too far. He also still holds his pencil his own way, there will be no changing that. Even when I spoke to the Hand therapist she said some children just develop their own style so I am pretty sure that is where we are at and I am ready to enact a 504 plan for him at school so he is not pressured to change this and will not be hindered in doing so. Sometimes I just think to myself, well maybe I will just keep him home another year with me then let him grow up! Guess I cant stop that...

Well Today is Friday and we have the day off... its a lazy day. We are going to enjoy the sun and just relax, maybe cruz down to the beach for a while....since our beach is not a vertical walk !!!

Im Praying for a Friend of Mine, Melissa..that she can be off a medication soon, and that a scan comes back good, For a little boy Pablo to be pain free and for his family to be filled with grace and strength in this time of trial, for my fears, my confusion, my insurance, my claim, For Cory may his new doctor be guided to the right decision.

I am Thankful for, Pokeys Father, my house, my Wiley, that my car has not died yet, for yet another sunny day, a PCP that listens, my change jar and coupons (thats what paid for the groceries last night folks!) my grandparents,

I am hopeful for tomorrow, for some solitude, for my claim, for Jonah, for Stellan, for Noah ( Im praying for them as well but hopeful because they are doing well right now), for a blessing in disguise.

Gumby / Mommy Zebra