Sunday, April 19, 2009

Just For Fun

Just Starting this for fun. Pokey and his daddy are off fishing for the weekend, so this is my last night of having the house to myself. After I drop the chicklets off at school tomorrow I plan on doing one of those frantic house cleanings as I have done a bit of nothing this weekend! May is Ehlers-Danlos awareness month so I have been searching for a way to contribute somehow in my neck of the woods. I have gone three weeks without a dislocation, last one was the right ankle.... thats exciting..... of course could have done without the kidney stones in the meantime but hey, excitement is excitement right. This weekend I finally have no kidney pain and have completed the Flomax rx, the new diet to prevent the kidney stones is not to my liking, among the things I have to give up are, chocolate, black tea, most berries, potatoes and beans. Grrr. I sure hope Pokey is having fun fishing, I'm really missing him tonight.

I'm praying for Cory, Stellan, Matt, Jonah & their families, may the grace and peace of the Lord be with them.

I'm thankful for spending time with Cory today. For the beautiful day. For the new Carmel ice cream topping i bought.

I'm hopeful for tomorrow. For another sunny Day. For emotional strength. For comfort.

Gumby / Mommy Zebra