Friday, July 10, 2009


So we are back..
We had a blast!
I did not want to come home, Pokey did not want to leave either.
Again, I am truly a country girl at heart.
I will post photos soon, the 4th of July party was a blast, we rocked Priest River!
I only managed to dislocated one body part.......Right Knee!! It was a nasty one though. Pokeys Dad and I had a heck of a time getting that knee cap back in place but we managed.
Pokey made a new "Best" friend.

We took all 4 girls to the Mariners game last night and Pokey...they had a BLAST! We even got to see my friends Valerie and Melissa...Melissa is the one I talk about in the Blog, she looks great and it was great to see them and their family.

Okay okay got to head out will have more details and pics later!
Hasta Luego!

Mommy Zebra / Gumby

Ohhhh P.S. I won my appeal on my Insurance!! Thanks for the prayers!

Thursday, July 2, 2009

Ahh the weekend....

Well the last few days have been productive. I have only had chicklet D and Pokey to take care of (well on Tuesday D's cousin N joined us for half of the day) so we did some exploring. We found a few new parks in the area and the kids loved it. At the water tower park they got to see a dude climb all the way up the tower and that was by far the coolest thing of the day.

Yesterday we went to the museum in Auburn, its free to get in on Wednesdays and they were having a woodcarving demonstration so I thought the boys might get a kick out of it...well they did, they had a blast at the museum.

Pokey and D in the School house at the Museum.

After the Museum...the gift shop and a ride on Sandy the 10 cent mechanical horse....we went out to the water park where they continued to have a wonderful time!

And of course the ice cream man had to come by and of course they had to get an ice cream. D got a sponge bob and Pokey got a firecracker as they were fresh out of Spidermans...mommy got a cotton candy one of course!

Today after we built our log cabin and wooden train that we acquired at the gift shop yesterday we went to Grandmas and Poppas to hit the pool for a while. It was a little chilly at first but once you got in ohhh it felt good. The boys rode all sorts of float toys and again seemed to have a great day, we topped it off with Slurpees on the way home!

I have been struggling with my POTS (POTS explanation read here ) the last few weeks, its been getting pretty bad...Some days i will have episodes every time I move and I just move slower and extra carefully that day....When I stand up, I hold on...the warm feeling I get in the back of my head is so strange its just unreal, your vision stats to fade to black the warm fuzzy feeling comes like the whole back of your head fell asleep, then hopefully it passes...if not I try to drop to the ground or as close to it in case of a fainting episode. The hot weather has something to do with it so hopefully I will acclimate soon enough. I have been trying to drink massive amounts of water and have been faithfully taking my salt tablets but I just cannot seem to kick it this summer. I have not gone to the extreme of wearing compression stockings....its just been way to hot and I mean those with some shorts, or a skirt....ummm well you know.

Now down to the good stuff....VACATION!...We take off at 4:30am for Priest River, Idaho.....I cannot wait. 4 wheelers, the river, the horses, the quiet, the fresh fresh air, I cant wait...Oh did I say that already! I have my braces packed, yes all of them...ordered by Pokeys Dad and Big Phil, all of our crap is ready and I am antsy to say the least. I love it out there so much....I love the city don't get me wrong, but I am a country girl at heart. I will hate to leave on Monday as it will come to always does. So off to check the checklist and then to bed....ahhh I can hear the river already!

I'm Praying for baby Noah, Baby Jonah, Praying that Pablos family is being held tight, For my Friend Melissa to finally have some answers.. Please keep her in your prayers shes having some lung problems and that is never any fun. Shes super strong and has already kicked Hodgkins butt so this should be simple for her but please send her and her family good vibes... Also please pray for her friend Andi she is in need of strong prayers as she finishes her battle with cancer, For a Safe Trip, For my claim, For my Insurance, For my sister to find a job.

I'm Hopeful for tomorrow, for my claim and my insurance, for a wonderful 4th of July, for a smooth vacation, for a resolution of my POTS.

I'm Thankful for Pokey, for Pokeys Dad's new Truck, for Pappas pool, for DVR, and for the support I have.

Mommy Zebra / Gumby