Thursday, January 14, 2010

It is what is it...or not...?? I think NOT

My back/down the leg pain is still here..... I HATE it. They have not found any thing to help. Well lets up another med. Okay so now Im taking 19 pills a day not including any pain medication if I choose to take any!! Holy smokes BatMan thats insane! I am so frustrated ans so is my PCP. He never gets any updated from all these specialist, I mean I have had an injection in my SI joint and seen the neuologist and he has not had an updates since September! Oh and in the note that was said...I am sending her for a CT meylogram Which I expect to be normal....gee thanks for EXPECTING nothing to be wrong.

WTF...sorry for the language...I just dont get it. I have pain, there HAS to be something wrong. Its NOT going away there has to be something wrong. So he sent me to do this Nerve test...there were points in the test that hurt so bad and I was like YESSS thats the spot...and the Dr. was like "oh everything is totally normal, I wish I had a sutdent in here to show them" could it be normal...20 out of 25 spots tested felt fine but the other 5 were painful and felt like THE SPOT to me and your telling me everything is is that possible!! I just want to yell...Okay Dr. D you know eveything thing its have ran everyt test....what do you think it is?? Just nothing...just my imagniation...sorry I am very very aware that it is not...if it was i would imagine it away in a heartbeat! Again this is a problem that use to come and go...for 12 YEARS...then all of a sudden it is non a rope that started to fray over the years then finally snapped....I am just having a hard time thinking there is nothing wrong at all....My PCP said if The doc has no answers the next step is a pain specialist and for some reason I just feel like there should be some other route, there should be an answer...I guess thats why I am not a doctor.

This darn potassium stuff is driving me nuts as well. I had not had any muscle cramps for a week or so and then all of a sudden last night they came back with a vengence!! I dont know, I know I dont want the kidney stones but I also would like to not have the horrible muscle cramps every where as well.

I have managed to inflame the joints in my chest as well. That chest pain for a few weeks and its just been getting worse. Its mainly on the right side and horribly uncomfortable. My chest does crack all the time, even more so and painfully so when I wake up so when I saw my doc yesterday he reassured me it was just a good ole connective tissue problem, where the ribs connect. FUN! Yeah and of course after I saw him yesterday I swear it got worse last it feels just super tight in addition to painful. It feels like someone is squeezing my chest and sitting on it...Its hard to explain..its like my chest muscles are super contracting everytime I breathe... and I had been having a fast heartbeat and now it feel like my heart is going slow, slow a sloth...Yeah Im weird...whatever it is it made it impossible to sleep last night and of course I had to be over that the chicklets house early today.. It seems to have eased a bit so I took a nap this morning after Pokey and I sent them off to school and we came home, but its not gone. My PCP didnt seem to be too concerned about the so called changes theat were noted on the CT with the lunc bullae so I am going to postpone my cardio and pulm appts until april / may...for one I cant afford the co insurance payments right now and for two thats when I am technically due for my annual exams, echo and such.

Pokey and I are headed to my Grandmas tomorrow night, I need the Grandma and Grandpa time...hey I may be 29 but you are never too old for some good old grandparent love!! (aka spoiling)

P.S. My blog posting thingy use to have a spell checker on it and it has seemed to run away....does anyone know how to make it come home??

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  1. Sorry to hear that you are having so much pain and problems getting diagnosed. Keep researching and talking with your doctors. You know your own body/pain the best.

    Enjoy your Friday over at your Grandma's! I agree, we all need some spoiling every now and then!