Friday, December 18, 2009 that a wordd?

Hard week, well hard last two weeks. Glad Christmas break is here.

Here are some videos thought you might like.


Hoping to update this weekend. Best wishes to all.


  1. We've got street entertainment like that in San Francisco (minus the little Santa!) Darling videos. And I LOVE the miniature Santa outfit. I would love to find a couple of those for my four year old twin nephews.

    Thanks for stopping by and entering my Perricone giveaway. Good luck...

  2. I was going to e-mail you back... but your e-mail isn't hooked up to your comment.

    You should definitely take the text messaging off your twitter. I don't have it on mine either. That would be too costly for me! I think it's under settings... then mobile...

    You should give it another try. I'm still a newbie with it, but it's been fun.